Forming Systems, Inc. offers high performance CNC 3D wire forming machines covering a wide range of applications. Most common are the single head, feed and form style machines produced by OMAS. Single head 3D wire forming machines generally feed the wire, with the bend head rotating around the wire to the correct position to bend the material to the desired bend angle.

A second option is the flexible CNC 3D wire forming machine designed and developed by HTC. The HTC machine rotates the wire to the correct desired position within the tooling, allowing the programmed bend to be achieved. A support table is provided to stabilize the wire form during the forming process.

A third solution is the TBE Multibend machine, for high speed, extremely accurate production of complex wire forms, utilizing single or twin head programmable bending. This solution is ideal for automating complex shapes normally requiring secondary operations such as welding, heading, threading, chamfering, punching, piercing, etc.

OMAS200 3D wire forming machine

3D Wire Forming Machines

3D Wire Forming Machine


TBE Multibend
3D Wire Forming Machines


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