Forming Systems offers a wide variety of wire forming machines for making 2D wire forms. Choices include the JK series of tabletop benders, the HTC 20W wire bender, and the Whitelegg CFM series of wire bending machines. These machine specialize in 2D wire forming. If you require a combination of 2D and 3D wire forming capabilities, please consider our 3D wire forming options.

tabletop wire bender


Prototypes, Small Quantities, Secondary Ops
Wire Range:
2.0mm – 16.0mm
(.078” – .625”)


Spring Wire:
0.6mm – 2.0mm (.024” – .078”)
Mild Wire:
0.6mm – 3.0mm (.024” – .118”)

2Dwire forming machines whitelegg-cfm-series

Whitelegg CFM Series 2

Wire Forming and Welding
Wire Range:
2.0mm – 12.0mm (.078” – .500”)